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Why have someone manage your Social Media?

From a business perspective, social media marketing is an ideal combination of personal customer engagement and guerrilla advertising. Unfortunately it is often utilized incorrectly or just requires too much of your resources to stay on top of. This is why more and more clients are coming to agencies with social media management support.

Social media marketing is an interesting discussion, because it is something that is incredibly easy to do poorly, yet incredibly difficult to execute well. Everyone can fire off tweets and a facebook status, and the simplicity of that is perhaps what people think of when they hear the words social media marketing. However, successful social media campaigns should do more than just state your message.


But the key to harnessing the power of social media is not in projecting your message to the masses, but rather in building effective dialogue and engagement. Social campaigns should be built around the context of your business and demographics of your target consumer base. Constructing a culture of interaction with your audience offers you vital information on what their needs are, how to better service them, and how to attract others like them. Leveraging the reach of social media through engagement is a personal referral and recommendation from a consumer that is highly visible to all of their contacts.