Advertising, Internet Advertising, Print Design

Date June 18, 2013

A few years ago, cable companies were lobbying against New Jersey legislation to open up the industry to competitors like Verizon. Numerous participants were investing in large advertising campaigns and media buys in local markets to help bolster public consensus in support for their respective arguments. Verizon had launched a commercial in the region focusing on the pending legislation heading to the governor’s desk, but it was allegedly met with opposition from the cable industry.

Verizon instead publicized the commercial via local web outlets. We in turn focused our advertising concept on the cable industries actions, framing their aversion to the commercial spot as evidence of an intent to hinder competition and consumer choice. The idea of censorship was tied into the concept, as the Janet Jackson Superbowl incident had recently prompted FCC recourse and public dialog regarding obscenity. The marketing concept was implemented across both print and rich media web advertising channels in local New Jersey & New York regions.