Book Cover Design – “Social Anxiety “

Book Cover Design, Illustration, Print Design, Typography

Date June 18, 2013

This book cover design started like all Brainrain Media initiatives, with a design concept and planning process that blends team ideas, client suggestions and research into a strategic marketing solution. We decided on a book jacket design strategy that would avoid commonly used medical and health imagery that tend to sensationalize ailments and conditions, while instead emphasizing a more abstract design aesthetic.

The book design concept eventually was based on the use of population density maps; graphically enhanced, stylized and abstracted to create a modern design piece which conveyed the attributes of social anxiety disorder. Color palette choice paid specific attention to creating a unique appearance that would stand out on the shelf, while also depicting a subtle tension.

Book jacket / cover designs are often great pieces of artwork, but the main priority is to serve as a properly executed marketing vehicle. Book purchases are heavily influenced by cover design, and careful planning of design strategy will pay dividends when commissioning designs for books, pamphlets, brochures and catalogs.