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With the emergence of new technologies, there are now even more options on what was already a seemingly endless list of advertising opportunities to choose from. Many small and mid sized businesses lack experienced marketing personnel and cannot afford to turn their focus away from their day to day tasks, while companies neglecting their strategic planning will find it treacherous to accurately assess where their advertising dollars are best spent. Those without the ability to react to metric trends & patterns in an effort to quantify the effectiveness of a multitude of campaigns, are left guessing.

Managing the Advertising Strategy

We can help bolster your marketing and advertising efforts, whether that be assisting with the overall strategy, or by managing the entire process from planning to scheduling. We make recommendations based on your business profile and help detail the benefits of various advertising solutions. You decide on a budget and we help allocate those discretionary funds within the framework of the designed advertising strategy. We then track performance through updated metrics and adjust accordingly to best optimize performance while maximizing your return on your investment.

Search Advertising & Marketing:

Search marketing (such as Google's Adwords) has continued to grow into it's role as a leading internet advertising solution. Triggered by keywords that web users enter into search engine queries, these contextual ads have great potential due to their versatility and metric based statistic reporting. Daily budgets are set, along with maximum bid limits to ensure sustainable strategies, while geo-targeting helps reach the right audience.

Display Advertising:

Display's significance has decreased due to the emergence of products like Adwords, but the ability to visually depict within an ad space is still vital to any well rounded advertising strategy. Depending on your brand's business model, banner advertising may be especially useful, such as visually showcasing a specific product or restaurant. Options available often include targeting by location, demographics, and even behavior (based on user web behavior / search queries.)


Newspapers, print directories, magazines and circulars, while downgraded by the emergence of the internet, remain as media commonly read by consumers. These ad positions are particularly useful when targeting a relatively older range in regards to consumer age groups.

Billboard / Ambient:

While mostly utilized by large brands, billboards and other open area ad placements may be incredibly useful to small and mid sized businesses that rely on driving traffic from a very localized radius. Rates vary by location placement like all ad space, and the billboard's effectiveness can be optimized when the ad is specifically designed around environmental factors such as distance, surrounding features, etc.