Marketing Strategy

If you ask us what distinguishes the level of excellence in marketing & design agencies, we would start the discussion with 'research'. Templated solutions and cookie cutter marketing approaches are products that exist because they satisfy the need for ease. They appeal to clients who rather view a solution to their problem as something easily selected and purchased with a click of a button, implemented and rolled out at whim.

But if these issues were so easily resolved, marketing strategies would be limited in their scope. Instead, established brands invest upwards of 3-10% of annual budgets on marketing and advertising, and up to 20% during peak brand building years (a recommendation also made by Counselors to America’s Small Business (SCORE) and the U.S. Small Business Administration).

Businesses are unique. Their position in the marketplace, physical location, technology, customer base, products, services, etc. are all dynamic factors that morph and evolve as they are exposed to the context of the marketplace. We focus on breaking down these surrounding factors.
"We interpret the data, listen to relevant sources throughout the internet and social spaces, and process research into a comprehensive market strategy that allow us to develop the optimal framework for your particular business model."

Competitor Analysis

Included in every marketing analysis, will be a thorough competitor analysis as well. We provide an ongoing detailed assessment of their website traffic, targeted keywords, link profile (where they are marketing online), search rankings, and much more. We constantly look to these reports to inform future marketing and design decisions, and react to what competitors are or may not be doing.
Marketing Competitor Analysis